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Grease - 1982

STAGE MANAGERS:________Michele DePalo*, Annette Maillard
SET DESIGN:________Brian Hannon
LIGHTING:________Joe Skelly*, Phil Munson, Jim Giattino
SET_CONSTRUCTION:________Brian Hannon, Nick DePalo, Charlie Quappe, Cowles Waldron, Chuck Maragiolio, Joe Skelly, Richard Dallin, Bob Maletta, Jeff Smith, Fletcher Bedell, Paulette Delemarre, Patchogue Enterprise Steel Scaffold, Signs Of The Times, Judy Perfido, Wyandotte Garage
BACKDROP:________Brian Hannon*, Frank Ozzimo, Cathy Schiera, Michele DePalo
STAGE CREW:________Richard Rieb, Dick Rothe, Bill Reynolds, Paulette Furman, Ada De Fina, Michael Aversano
SOUND:________Peter Ljungqvist*, Andy Pittenger, John Bjertnes
PROPERIES:________Lori Eagle*, Bob Kinsey, Annette Maillard, Flo Renna
COSTUMES:________Sally Munson*, Helen Maletta*, Adrienne Tirino, Marty Meagher, Margaret Delemarre, Judy Perfido
MAKEUP:________Phyllis Deedy, Diana Urbano, Debbie Brehm, Toni Reams
HAIRSTYLES:________Joanne Giroux
TICKETS:________Laurie Fosmire, Bree Rice
PUBLICITY:________Ruth Reynolds
POSTER:________Brian Hannon
PROGRAM_COVER:________Brian Hannon
POSTER_DISTRIBUTION:________Judy Perfido
PROGRAM:________Ross Federico, Michele DePalo, Eileen Green
AD SALES:________Michele DePalo*, Ross Federico, Laurie Fosmire, Phil Munson, Sally Munson, Pat Corn, Bree Rice, Bob Kinsey, Joe Skelly, Bill Reynolds, Ellie Mahoney
HOUSE:________Marilou Van Zanten, Liz Skelly
USHERS:________Vikki De La Vergne, Diane Pettigrew, Althea Dorland, Susan Schnauder, Horace Van Zanten, Carol Aragona, Agnes Toronto, Ellen Pallas
LOBBY DISPLAY:________Althea Dorland, Christopher Maletta
PHOTOGRAPHER:________Bill Rudock
PROMPTER:________Susan Schnauder
BANNER:________Michele DePalo
BOX OFFICES:________Stage Door School Of Dance, Bayberry Travel

* Denotes chairperson or designer

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